Safe Use Instructions

Sea-Doo Seascooter Safe Use Instructions


Always exercise caution; carefully follow the warnings and instructions in the manual provided with the Seascooter:

  • Always operate the Seascooter under experienced supervision and pay careful attention to age restrictions when allowing children to operate the Seascooter.

  • Children always require adult supervision & must wear a Personal Floatation Device(PFD) at all times. Never stick body parts, clothing or other objects in the vicinity of the propeller.

  • Do not wear loose or flowing clothing, jewlery or equipment that could be drawn into the propeller. Pay special attention to always keep bathing suit draw strings, wetsuit zip-pulls and any device that may become entangled in the propellor safely away from The Seascooter™.

  • Particular care should be exercised when using the sea scooter near anybody with long hair. Users with long hair should tie it up or wear a swimming cap when using the Seascooter.

  • Always inspect the swimming area to ensure it is free of hazards or obstacles such as toys, floating debris, boats and swimmers before using the sea scooter.

  • Do not use the Seascooter under the influence of alcohol or drugs.